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Nephi is shown a vision of the future of his family.  He sees that they do make it to the Promised Land and that the posterity of his family grows to great numbers (as the sand of the sea).  They grew rich from the resources of the land and built cities.  He also sees wars and rumors of wars among the people.  He sees great slaughter and violence between his posterity and that of his brothers.

He then saw the same mist of darkness he saw when the angel of the Lord showed him Lehi’s dream.  Lightning, thunder and other “tumultuous noises” filled the skies.  The mountains and rocks of the promised land tumbled to pieces.  The plains were broken up and the great cities sunk and burned.

When the mist of darkness dissipated, he saw many people who did not fall or be tempted away by the darkness.  He saw the heavens open and Jesus Christ descending and showing Himself to the people.  The Holy Ghost fell upon 12 of the men, who would be called “The 12 Disciples”. 

The vision of Christ explained that the 12 Apostles (of Jerusalem) would take part in the judgement of the 12 tribes of Israel. The 12 Disciples shown to Nephi in the vision would take part in the judgment of Nephi’s posterity. 

Nephi saw that generations would be filled with righteousness and accept the atonement of Jesus Christ, who would pay the price for the sins of all who would accept Him.  But then the generations would return to war, battling against the posterity of his brothers.


The angel further explained that the mist of darkness and the filthy water in the fountain and river were the temptations of Satan and the depths of hell.  Because of the mist of darkness that many of his family’s posterity would choose, their spiritual eyes would be blinded to righteousness and they would perish and be lost.

He saw that the posterity of his bothers overpowered those of his posterity, and became “dark and loathsome people”, full of idleness and embracing abominations.


This chapter is a pretty good overview of The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.   In the vision Nephi saw the rise of the posterity of his family.  He saw that they would be strong and prosperous for many years.  He also saw the fall of his own posterity at the hands of that of his brothers. 

Wickedness and abominations are the things that bring down a nation, but the fuel is unrighteous pride.   It is the kind of pride that pits brother against brother and father against son.  The enmity that each of us put between us and anyone who makes us feel ashamed of who we are.  Pride is what causes us to put the things of the world before the things of God.  Pride in ourselves, our property or the causes we choose to champion.

This is the kind of pride that cloaks itself in happiness, fortune and glory, only to have the mist of darkness lifted and expose it for the lies and deceit behind it.

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